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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – How and why it works

Acupuncture has been practiced for over 5000 years and is part of the holistic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The premise of TCM is that health is a balanced flow of energy and proper movement of blood. In TCM, imbalances in the natural flow of energy and blood are thought to result in disease and pain. Acupuncture aims to restore health by balancing the flow of energy and blood.

A good practitioner never has to directly treat the site of injury. For example, if you are suffering from acute pain in the lower back, a few carefully selected points might be stimulated on your ear, scalp, hands, feet, wrist or ankle.   Classical Acupuncturists like to needle below the knees and elbows, whereas modern TCM practitioners like to needle the torso and the sites of pain.

Some like to exclusively needle the Ear, and others like the Scalp.  There are individual systems and styles, that have come into vogue recently.  Some are better for particular diseases, for example Scalp Acupuncture is good for strokes and neurological diseases.  Face Acupuncture is good for cosmetic issues and Bell’s Palsy.  All styles and systems  have merit.  What counts is the result.
Other techniques include cupping, massage and manipulation therapy, often complimented with herbal and dietary therapy. In our clinic, we use pre-made formulas and customized powders for convenience, to get beyond the inconvenience of taste, smell and time preparing in cooking raw herbs.

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Feel the difference in just a few seconds of treatment!

Acupuncture is:

Comfortable and relaxing
Quiet atmosphere with soft music and warmth
Only painless, thin disposable needles are used
Usually 30 – 45 minute sessions
Often euphoric feeling after session

Methods Available:

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