March 5, 2012

In modern society, many people have what they need.  They may not have every want, but wants can be endless.

Needs are having air, food, exercise, health, sleep, detoxing, shelter, clothing, and love, without which you cannot exist.  Everything else can be considered icing on the cake and/or entertainment.

Love is having meaningful friendships and relationships.  These are relationships that nurture you and provide you with knowledge and quality time.

Quality time is that time where you are  nurtured, cared for, loved, fed, educated, restored, allowed to grow, harbored, offered refuge to, joked with, humored, laughing, playing, where hearts are open, not closed, shielded, withdrawn and neglected, or where feelings are not withheld, where you are trained, shared openly with, mentored, and allowed to keep your heart open.    It is a reciprocal relationship between people, not a one sided relationship where one gives and the other takes, which can leave one exhausted and overwhelmed.   It is a mature relationship of sharing, of mutual respect and care, and generosity of the soul.  It matters not if you’re rich or poor, but rather if you have enough love in your heart to care, and think of others, and not just yourself.  It is a matter of the golden mean, of putting your best efforts for others and putting others before yourself, as well as being big-hearted and generous.   Of course there will be people who don’t get it; but eventually they might awaken from their selfishness.  I like to think of it of having an attitude of gratitude and a life of sharing and caring.

Being financially limited does not mean you have to be poor in spirit.   Life is short, and often we never get to show or  say to people how much they mean to us.  And death can be as sudden as the snap of a finger.  Simple gestures carry a ton of sentiment, and quality time is one of the ways of sharing affection.

Life is a matter of putting in effort; what you get out of it is equivalent to what you put into it.  If you’re lazy and think these words are meaningless, then one really is missing common sense.  It matters not how beautiful you are on the outside, but how beautiful you are on the inside.  One generally gives more than they get back, but you’d be surprised what comes back to you if you dare live this way.

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